OpenSeqSLAM is an open source Matlab implementation of SeqSLAM. SeqSLAM has been originally published by Michael Milford and Gordon Wyeth at ICRA 2012. Read their original paper here. Further information can be found in our own workshop paper for the ICRA 2013 workshop on long-term autonomy.

Download: OpenSeqSLAM is available at

You can use SVN to check it out: svn co


Versatile Extensions for Robust Inference using Graphical Models

Vertigo provides a C++ implementation of the switchable constraints approach I developed during my thesis. It is an extension library for g2o and gtsam 2.0 and enables g2o or gtsam to solve pose graph SLAM problems in 2D and 3D despite a large number of false positive loop closure constraints. In addition, a remplementation of the max-mixture model described in (Olson and Agrawal, 2012) for g2o and gtsam is also contained.

Furthermore, Vertigo contains a number of standard pose graph SLAM datasets and a script to spoil them with false positive loop closure constraints. These datasets have been used in our evaluations. They can serve as a set of benchmark datasets for future developments in robust pose graph SLAM.

Download: Vertigo is available at

You can use SVN to check it out: svn co

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