About Me

I am a postdoctoral research fellow at the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision, at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. My current research focuses on deep learning techniques for robust robotic vision.

I obtained my PhD degree with Chemnitz University of Technology (chair of Automation Technology, lead by Prof. Peter Protzel) in Germany in April 2012. After two more years as a postdoc in Chemnitz I joined the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group at QUT in Brisbane in March 2014. Since August 2014 I am working with the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision.

During my PhD thesis I focused on robust graph-based models for SLAM and probabilistic estimation. More recently, place recognition and environmental perception under changing environments has attracted my attention.

Within the field of mobile robotics, probabilistic techniques for sensor and data fusion and the problem of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) have been fascinating me for a long time. Related questions of visual perception (using monocular, stereo, or RGB-D cameras), such as structure from motion, place recognition or object recognition interest me as well. The topic of multipath mitigation and how to improve the localization accuracy for satellite-based navigation systems (such as GPS) have been part of my PhD work. Besides all these Bayesian, algebraically well-defined techniques, I find biologically inspired approaches for SLAM and perception very appealing.

Organized Workshops

Dedicated workshops are a great way of getting in contact with fellow researchers from around the world that are working on similar scientific questions. Over the past years I co-organized these workshops at international conferences:

Workshop Theme
RSS 2016 Are the Skeptics Right? Limits and Potentials of Deep Learning in Robotics Jürgen Leitner, Michael Milford, Ben Upcroft, Peter Corke (QUT, Brisbane), Pieter Abbeel (UC Berkeley), Wolfram Burgard (Uni Freiburg)
RSS 2016 Visual Place Recognition: What is it good for? Ben Upcroft, Michael Milford (QUT, Brisbane), Peer Neubert (TU Chemnitz)
ICRA 2015 Visual Place Recognition in Changing Environments Peter Corke, Michael Milford (QUT, Brisbane)
CVPR 2015 Visual Place Recognition in Changing Environments Peter Corke, Michael Milford (QUT, Brisbane), Torsten Sattler (ETH Zürich)
ICRA 2014 Visual Place Recognition in Changing Environments Peter Corke, Michael Milford (QUT, Brisbane)
ICRA 2013 Robust and Multimodal Inference in Factor Graphs John Leonard (MIT CSAIL), Edwin Olson (University of Michigan)

Reviews and Community Service

I am an associate editor for the IEEE Robotics & Automation Letters Journal and regularly serve as a reviewer for the major conferences and journals in our field:

  • International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR)
  • IEEE Transaction on Robotics (TRO)
  • Journal of Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS)
  • International Journal of Field Robotics (IJFR)
  • Robotics Science and Systems (RSS)
  • International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)
  • International Conference on International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)
  • Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV)

Attended Conferences and Workshops

Conference or Workshop Date Place
Dagstuhl Seminar on Vision for Autonomous Vehicles and Probes November 2015 Dagstuhl
RSS July 2015 Rome
CVPR June 2015 Boston
ICRA May 2015 Seattle
CVPR June 2014 Columbus
i-SAIRAS June 2014 Montreal
ICRA May 2014 Hong Kong
RSS June 2013 Berlin
ESA ASTRA May 2013 Noordwijk
ICRA May 2013 Karlsruhe
IROS October 2012 Vilamoura
RSS July 2012 Sydney
Intelligent Vehicles Symposium June 2012 Madrid
ICRA May 2012 St. Paul
IROS September 2011 San Francisco
euRobotics Forum April 2011 Västerås
IROS October 2010 Taipeh
KI September 2010 Karlsruhe
ETFA September 2010 Bilbao
ICAR  June 2009 München
SIMPAR November 2008 Venice
SSRR & RRC September 2007 Rom
IAV September 2007 Toulouse
BIT Tutorial „Robot Middleware and Integration Frameworks" Dezember 2005 Bonn
AMS November 2005 Stuttgart
EURON Summer School Sensor Fusion and Perception September 2005 Ancona
ICRA April 2005 Barcelona
2nd SLAM Summer School August 2004 Toulouse
IAV July 2004 Lissabon
DARS June 2004 Toulouse
AMS November 2003 Karlsruhe


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