i-SAIRAS Space Robotics Conference in Montreal

I visited the i-SAIRAS conference at McGill university in Montreal. This was a nice opportunity to catch up with my former Professor from Chemnitz University and other space robotics researchers from around the world. My colleagues from Chemnitz and I also published a paper at the conference about our experiences in the DLR SpaceBot Cup.

On the last day at the conference we got a guided tour at the Canadian Space Agency. We were allowed to take photos outside at their Mars yard, so here are some impressions. An ensemble of cool robots, unfortunately none demonstrated any autonomous behavior, they were all remotely controlled from on-site or the control room. Still a very nice show.
Inside they had more robots and a to-scale model of the Canadarm that is operating at the space station. Pretty impressive, the thing is huge! But I was surprised to hear that there are no safety measures with respect to collision avoidance, the astronauts could drive the arm into the space station if they are not careful.

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